About Helmi Hasan

Me on a short hike at Chiling waterfall, Malaysia

I am a young small business owner of 5 years in the hospitality industry and 4 years of prior engineering experience designing mechanical equipment, writing technical manuals and procedures for the Oil & Gas industry.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison USA and had a great time over there.

At my U of Wisconson Madison graduation with my friends

Upon graduation in 2010, the US economy was hit hard and I had to return to Asia and landed my first Engineering job in Singapore.

Worked as an Engineer in Singapore for 4 years

I’ve always dreamed of running my own business and in 2015 I set up an Airbnb business in Kuala Lumpur. I built a client base from 0 to 3500 people with 80% 5-star positive reviews from travelers all over the world.

Setting up one of my apartments with a featured wall

My joy in being a great host is rewarded when my customers express their happiness and are impressed with my presentation and blog of to-do recommendations and insider scoops in Kuala Lumpur. I truly love being a creative and front-end person in an organization.

I have developed a strong interest in writing from my marketing efforts on my WordPress blog website.

When I am not working on the business, I love to write, read books and make home-cooked meals as part of my meal prep strategy. I am a big stand up comedy fan.

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