About Balkoni Hijau

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Balkoni Hijau is the name of my Airbnb Vacation Rental Business that I started in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. Business was great and I met a lot of cool people from all over the world who stayed at my place.

I started this website back in 2019 to acquire more direct bookings. To drive traffic to my website, I started to write articles about Kuala Lumpur.

The blog is now refocussed to millennial personal finance, and entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

The Original Balkoni Hijau Vacation Rental Business

As of 2020, I am an Airbnb Superhost & am only renting out my personal studio:

Below are some nice online reviews that I posted on Instagram:

History of Balkoni Hijau Vacation Rentals can be found here.
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If you are interested to know how to start your own Vacation Rental business from the ground up, this article will be helpful.


I am open to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations when it comes to personal finance, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I can be contacted below:

Email: balkonihijau@gmail.com