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Balkoni Hijau is a personal finance blog about making, investing, managing & spending money

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Some topics are just better through video. Expect step-by-step tutorials, product reviews & interviews

My Story

I’m Helmi Hasan. I was a design engineer in the Oil & Gas industry. The job paid well, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long run. So in 2014, I started an Airbnb business.

5 years in, my Airbnb empire eventually failed in Feb 2020 due to the property oversupply situation in Kuala Lumpur.

I needed another hustle, but the COVID lockdown limited me to a business that is 100% online.

Sounds easy, but selling online is tough. Why would anyone buy from me? I’m just some guy on the internet.

I figured pretty quickly that I need to be known as the go-to guy for a topic first if I ever wanted to make any money online.

So I decided to publish a library of helpful articles & videos around a topic of my interest; personal finance & making money online. Here’s one of my YouTube videos:

The Balkoni Hijau blog & YouTube channel are mediums to share my journey learning about personal finance & making money online.

To know more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile:

Growing Balkoni Hijau’s Audience

These are a few of my articles that were well-liked:

Once this blog hit a few thousand viewers a month, I started to place display ads & I made my first US$ 0.02. I was ecstatic that this whole ‘make money online‘ thing works!

However, juggling between a full-time job, being recently married & creating a YouTube channel, I spread myself too thin, and my traffic growth is very slow:

I am constantly perfecting my SEO strategy & content quality. In April 2021, this blog reached its first USD 25/month threshold thanks to a combination of display ads, affiliate marketing & freelance writing gigs.

I will continue to update you on my personal finance & making money online journey throughout this blog.

If you’d like to contact me for collaborations, click below:

Work with Me

Most of the time, I do not do sponsored posts or mentions as I am busy creating more quality content for my audience.

However, I am open to collaborating with relevant brands that are a good fit with this blog & YouTube channel.

Contact me to see if we can work together:

What My Audience is Saying

Superb quality of writing

Balkoni Hijau by Helmi Hasan is one of my favourite local personal finance blog nowadays – superb quality of writing and analysis.

Most people don’t think of total costs

Great job Helmi. I worked in the motor industry for 17 years and yours is the FIRST article I can remember to address the total cost of ownership
Nicholas Gomez
Twitter Follower

Your blog is amazing

I came across your blog by chance & am I’m so glad that I did. I’ve spent a lot of time there ever since I found it. 
Blog Reader

Contact Me

For any business inquiries, my rate card, or collaborations, I can be contacted via email at: helmi@balkonihijau.com

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