About Balkoni Hijau

Balkoni Hijau is a blog about money & homeownership.

I like to talk about money because I love optimizing my personal finances & got tired of the lame, dry, and impractical content online.

Plus, due to my previous experience investing in property and running an Airbnb business, I also like to talk about homeownership & reviewing home products.

Putting these two together, I founded the Balkoni Hijau blog and YouTube channel to share my experience and journey navigating personal finance & homeownership.

Why is it Called Balkoni Hijau?

Balkoni Hijau is a Malay word that means green balcony, which was the unique selling point of my previous Airbnb business.

During the COVID pandemic, I recycled the website into this blog.

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I don’t usually do sponsored posts or mentions, but feel free to contact me & I’ll see if you’re a good fit with my blog & YouTube channel.

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About Helmi Hasan (Founder)

Hi, I am Helmi Hasan, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.

I started my career as a design engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, and I worked in Singapore for about 4 years before getting laid off twice in 2014 during the global oil crisis.

I returned to Malaysia & I started an Airbnb business to help pay the mortgages on the two properties that I ‘invested’ in.

From 2014 to 2018, the Airbnb business was booming, to the point that I was managing 10 studio units catering to tourists in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur full-time.

Unfortunately, in 2019 due to overwhelming competition and the COVID pandemic, I’ve made the bitter decision to shut down the Airbnb business.

I then got a job as a Digital Marketer at a local tech company while creating content for this blog in my free time.

As of August 2021, this blog is earning USD120 a month.

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What My Audience is Saying

Superb quality of writing

Balkoni Hijau by Helmi Hasan is one of my favourite local personal finance blog nowadays – superb quality of writing and analysis.

Most people don’t think of total costs

Great job Helmi. I worked in the motor industry for 17 years and yours is the FIRST article I can remember to address the total cost of ownership
Nicholas Gomez
Twitter Follower

Your blog is amazing

I came across your blog by chance & am I’m so glad that I did. I’ve spent a lot of time there ever since I found it. 
Blog Reader

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