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The Balkoni Hijau blog is about experiencing the best of Kuala Lumpur whilst being financially smart about it.

I was writing useful articles about things to do in Kuala Lumpur on a budget for my Airbnb guests and realize throughout this process, that most of the articles that I wrote have a recurring twist:

Being financially smart in Kuala Lumpur

You can be too stingy and lose out on life’s experiences and on the other extreme end, you can be enjoying too much of life that you don’t have any money left for anything else. My personal goal is to find the sweet spot in the middle. This blog documents this personal journey.

This blog is by no means positioning myself as a financial expert, but me sharing what I have experienced and learned as an ordinary Malaysian millennial.

Balkoni Hijau Vacation Rentals

Premium View 7 Studio

Balkoni Hijau is a Vacation Rental business in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. All of my studio apartments are in the same building catering mostly for solo travelers, couples and digital nomads.

Balkoni Hijau was founded by Helmi Hasan, a former Mechanical Engineer and started opening its doors in June 2015. This website was launched in May 2019.

Lush balcony

The word ‘Balkoni Hijau’ in the Malay language means a green balcony. As I have cultivated the interest of having plants around the house to elevate the sense of hominess in an otherwise boring typical Airbnb setup.

I have hosted travelers from all over the world and thoroughly enjoy interacting with people and sharing about Kuala Lumpur tips.

Balkoni Hijau Concept

  • Simple, minimalist yet fully functioning.
  • Fully equipped to feel homy (power extensions, USB chargers, kitchen utensils).
  • Fast WiFi.
  • Indoor plants and a lush green balcony (selected units).
  • Friendly and welcoming host.
  • Great blog to help you with what to do in this underrated city.
Balcony Studio 1


Balkoni Hijau has received several awards for excellent online reviews from customers worldwide:


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Contact: balkonihijau@gmail.com

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