AES Speed Camera Locations to Check While on Your Road Trip

Nothing ruins a road trip then when you see that flash in your rearview mirror. It would be great to know exactly where to lay off that gas pedal. Not everyone who got a speeding ticket is a speed demon:

  • Not all cars have cruise control.
  • Even if you’re careful, sometimes you might go over the speed limit unnoticed, especially during overtaking.

There has been rumors circulating that AES cameras don’t even work. But I don’t want to take any chances and would like to be cautious wherever I can.

I Googled the AES camera locations but unfortunately, the information is disorganized and makes no logistical sense to me.

For example, if I am heading North on the North & South Highway and at a rest stop at the Tapah R&R, I would like to know where the next AES speed camera trap is. The existing table is very confusing.

So I rearranged it by the direction of travel (North or South) and km location.

Heading North on PLUS Highway

97.2Kuala Muda, Kedahconfirmed
174Bandar Baharu, Kedahconfirmed
204.6Taiping, Perakconfirmed
299.9Kampar, Perakconfirmed
301.6Gopeng, Perak???
375.9slim river, Perak???
151.4Pagoh, Johor???
1Johor Bahru???
North on PLUS

Heading South on PLUS Highway

96.3Kuala Muda, Kedahconfirmed
166Seberang Perai, PPconfirmed
301.6Gopeng, Perak???
375.9slim river, Perak???
382.8Behrang, Perakconfirmed
214.4Alor Gajah, Melaka???
185Bemban, Melaka???
146.8Pagoh, Johor???
85.5Sungkai, Perak???
1Johor Bahru???
South on PLUS

Full Source: KKR Website.

I hope this has been helpful. If you’ve been traveling, while using this guide to prevent a speeding ticket, and have verified the location of the AES cameras, do let me know in the comment so I can update this post 🙂

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