[Book Review – Digital Marketing]: DotCom Secrets by Russell Branson

  • PublisherRussell Branson
  • Pages190

This book explains to you the importance of having a planned out sales funnel in whatever business that you do.

What is a sales funnel?: For an online business, it’s a system to monetize the traffic that visits your website.

The Value Ladder diagram is to organize your product & services according to their price:

Sample of a Value Ladder for a Dentist.

The Value Ladder Diagram that you define will be your sales funnel to reflect the traffic flow:

What will you learn in this book:

  1. How to monetize your website traffic with sales funnels.
  2. How to expand and rank your product or service lineup on the value ladder (upselling and downselling).
  3. How to own the traffic that visits your website with a mailing list.
  4. Why & How to do email marketing.
  5. Once you own your traffic, which funnels to use for which type of product or service that you want to sell.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is not for the absolute beginner. Even though it’s good to know all of this beforehand, it’s just too much info to digest for someone starting out.

This book is suitable for people who:

  1. Already have a website up and running.
  2. Have not found a way to make money from their website.
  3. Doesn’t have a product or service to sell yet.
  4. Perfect for consultants selling their services online

Who’s it Not For?

As mentioned, it is not for a complete beginner. It’s too much info.

Revisit this book once in a while as you grow your business to make sure you’re not veering off path.

This book is not about how to increase traffic to your website. It is not about Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Personal Review

This book is an Upsell for Russell’s software (his continuity program). Look at where the book is in his Value Ladder diagram:

DotCom Secret’s Value Ladder Diagram

The book is full of details that are explained in a simple, easy to understand way.

Russell has many experiences in this subject and knows what he’s talking about.

What he teaches is used all over the internet marketing business only because it works.

I read reviews online that condemns him for upselling his other services with this book:

Amazon reviews

I find his upselling not intrusive at all. He only mentioned his ClickFunnels upsell in the last two pages of the book (190 pages in total).

The fact that I am being funneled by reading his book shows that the tactic works, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

I might not buy his other products now. But I know about his business and might consider it in the future.

This book is a must-read for anyone who has a website selling something online.

I’m not running a seminar or consulting business. So I don’t agree 100% with Rusell’s style, but the ideology of monetizing traffic is priceless.

Where to Get His Book

Disclaimer: I have no affiliate with his books or Russell Brunsen.

You can get his free book from his website directly. Russell claims that the book is free, but then he charges you USD 19.95 (MYR 87) for international shipping from the US.

Another alternative is to get it at the Book Depository website for slightly cheaper at RM 72.

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