[Book Review – Personal Finance] Money Stories – By Suraya (RoR)

I purchased the ebook combo from my favorite personal finance blogger, Suraya (writer for Ringgit oh Ringgit):

  1. Cerita Duit – Jilid 1
  2. Money Stories – Volume 2

What are these Books About

The contents of these books are short story collections of Malaysians from all walks of life learning and dealing with money in their past.

What I Like About the Book

I prefer the English book over the Malay one as I find the Malay book was written a little too stiff for my liking. I like the conversational tone the 2nd book in English had.

The stories from the second book are from Malaysian bloggers that I know! What a smart way to promote themselves. The personalized stories allow me to connect with these bloggers on an emotional angle that is typically not part of their regular content.

My favorite stories in there are (not in order):

  • Dealing with a landlord from Hell.
  • The sassy Malay girl who challenged society’s definition of a ‘normal’ life.
  • Suraya’s e-mail based story saved for the last was very creative and edgy.

Why You Should Read This Book

Whenever I go out, and I’d see people driving nice cars, living in fancy condos, and spending on luxury items. I always think, man, all these people got their lives figured out.

What you see in most people is just a facade that people put for society.

This book reveals what we all have to go through to become who we are today, and the lies that we tell ourselves too.

It is a humbling read and made me feel thankful for what I have and keeps me grounded.

You can get Suraya’s Book from her website. Click on the link below:

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