How to get to Genting from Kuala Lumpur

Genting Highlands is most famously known for its casino. Besides gambling here is what you and your family can do:

  1. Strawberry Leisure Farm (I would personally skip this)
  2. Chin Swee Temple (gorgeous for photos)
  3. Genting Premium Outlet akin to the ones in the USA
  4. Cable Car Ride (Genting Skyway from the Premium outlet to SkyAvenue)
  5. Yet another giant mall, SkyAvenue
  6. Outdoor Theme Park (decent roller coasters)
  7. Indoor Theme Park (video arcades & smaller rides)

Since most of the attractions are owned by the same company, or at the very least, several business owners making a pact together, it is like Disneyland up there and everything is designed to make more money from you.

I am against the grain kind of guy and don’t usually follow the herd mentality.

So when I go up there, I would prefer to do something more interesting than spending money (I’m possibly the furthers away from Genting’s ideal customer). I prefer to enjoy the scenery and temples up there as opposed to going to yet another mall.

Itinerary at Genting if you are Not Gambling or Hitting the Mall

I go up to Genting just to enjoy other people’s culture (temples) and enjoy nature (the weather and sightseeing) and that’s about it. So this is the perfect itinerary for me:

  • Enjoy the driving journey up there.
  • Stop somewhere along the route to enjoy the scenery.
Practice your photography skills with lush flowers & greeneries
  • Visit the Premium Outlet for a stroll of window shopping (I find that branded items could be found better in Europe or the States, but it could be great if you are coming from South East Asia).
Genting Premium Outlet
  • Visit some of the temples (Chin Swee) along the way. Climb up the pagoda and enjoy the view:
Absolutely gorgeous Pagoda at Chin Swee Temple
The scenic view of Genting Highlands after a sweaty climb up the Pagoda
Off the beaten track: Fish and turtle pond at one of the temples
  • The theme park which includes arcades and rides.

3 Main Attraction Areas in Genting Highlands:

Now that you know the main attractions in Genting Highlands, it’s good to know where they are all located so you can coordinate your logistics. Most of the attractions are clustered into 3 main areas:

3 main areas of interest
  1. FIRST STOP: The buses will stop at the Premium Outlets. The Cable Car starts from here too.
  2. SECOND STOP: Chin Swee temple. If you bought cable car tickets, it includes a complimentary stop at this temple.
  3. LAST STOP: SkyAvenue where the mall, casino, video arcade, most hotels and theme parks are located.

Getting to Genting Highlands

By Car

Personally, the best way to enjoy Genting is definitely by driving up there. You have greater flexibility on where to stop and where to go. It will be about an hour’s drive.

Pros for driving up there yourself:

  • Enjoy a nice drive that will surely test your driving skills.
  • You can stop anywhere you want along the way at your own time.

Cons for driving up there yourself:

  • Not really enjoyable to drive up in an underpowered car, nor safe.
  • Arguably a dangerous route up and down as a lot of people including car reviewers, YouTubers use the route as their racing track.

You can check car sharing apps such as SoCar and GoCar, where you can rent a car by the hour. I advise you to get a car with an engine capacity of at least 1.5L (higher if there’s 4 of you in a car).

Bus + Cable Car Combo

I get that if you’re on vacation, you probably want to take a break from driving, so the most popular way for tourists to get to Genting is by bus.

Buses usually will depart from Pekililng Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur or KL Sentral and it will drop you off in the mountain’s midpoint, Awana Bus Terminal which coincidentally is where the Cable Car starts.

Most buses don’t go all the way up to the resorts because they want you to pay for the cable car to Sky Avenue (the mall/casino/hotel at the top), very sneaky.

The bus costs about RM10 per person and departs every hour and takes about an hour to Reach Awana Bus Terminal. Check out this website to purchase bus tickets:

The Cable car will cost you RM9 per person. It is a 2.8km ride from Awana SkyCable Terminal to SkyAvenue.

The cool thing is that the ticket will include a complimentary stop at Chin Swee Temple too, so you got all bases covered. Check out the FAQ section of the Cable car.

Wrapping it all Up

You can get Genting done as a day trip (leaving in the morning around 9 am and you can be back in KL around the evening).

Other things to note: Just like Disneyland, food, accommodation & everything costs more than usual as they own any monopolize everything up there so allocate more budget for your expenditure.

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