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DIY: How to Install Phone Screen Protector For Clear Selfies

Selecting the Right Screen Protector

Try to avoid screen protectors with a punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera lens.

Enclosed screen protector on top (don’t get this) and unenclosed screen protector at the bottom

My original screen protector had a punch-hole cutout. The problem with that was:

  • It’s hard to align and install the screen protector properly.
  • The hole collected dust and was hard to clean properly.

Both of these resulted in a blurry selfie picture and self video. If you use your phone to make YouTube videos, this will be a huge problem.

Blurry selfie of my cat due to the misalignment of screen protector and collected dust in the hole

Solution: Choose a Better Designed Screen Protector

I went online and bought a screen protector specifically with a large unenclosed cutout for the selfie camera:

Large cutout that is unenclosed for easy cleaning

Do note that you will get air bubbles when you install the screen protector during the first time. It will naturally evaporate away after a few days.

Step By Step Installation Guide

Follow my step-by-step guide on how to install this without air bubbles:

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