Euro-Style Pizza in Klang Valley – Pizza Mansion

Who makes the best pizza? Europe or the US? I think hands down, the Europeans know their stuff when it comes to making pizza.

Most of the pizza you find in Asia are typically influenced by American fast-food chains such as Pizza hut & Dominos with bright orange fake cheese. Look at this horrific Pizza hut that I ordered out of desperation for lunch one day that cost me almost RM40 (almost USD10):

I was OK with the fake cheese until I had real pizza in Italy and Paris. They set the bar pretty high up there.

Pizza in Paris

But finding decent European food in Asia is in short, horrific & expensive. No one here really knows how to make it as they do in Europe and they always put their Asian spin on it (I hate fusion food).

Until a friend of mine brought me to a nice pizza restaurant in Petaling Jaya (I know it’s not in KL) that I think reminds me a little bit of a European Pizza joint. I recommend this restaurant if you are in Malaysia and in need of some decent real pizza.

Pizza Mansion, Petaling Jaya

Tight yet cozy interior

The restaurant is on the ground floor of an apartment complex. The area is relatively clean and not dodgy. But parking spaces could be limited. Taking GrabCar makes somewhat of a sense to get here.

They are almost always busy and seating is tight and you’ll be very close to other customers next to you. The vibe really reminds me of a typical Parisian style restaurant.

The Menu

Dammit, I forgot to take a pic of the menu (sorry I hate these Instagram kids that take pics of everything but now with the blog I have to start doing it too).

The menu is really simple. The main courses are about 10 selections of pizzas ranging from classic Pepperoni, Four cheese pizza, and smoked salmon to name a few. A pizza would cost you around RM30.

A little on the greasy side, but much better than Pizza Hut!

The side dishes are baked pasta in the form of mac and cheese, averaging about RM20.

We ordered 1 Pepperoni pizza and the truffle mac and cheese. We are the type that never orders drinks at restaurants because I feel like drinks are always overpriced so we settled with just plain water (OK I’m just cheap).

The whole wait was around 20 minutes which is not bad at all especially with good company 🙂

Pepperoni pizza with the truffle mac & cheese

One side note I like to mention is that they have amazing spiced oils to drizzle on top of your pizza. There was basil oil which tasted exactly like pesto sauce and another one was the chili oil. Both are excellent to elevate the pizza to a new level.

For what we ordered, the bill was about RM50, which is RM25 each which I think is excellent value for the quality and deliciousness of the food.

Getting There

From Balkoni Hijau, a GrabCar ride will be about RM20.

An alternative is to take the MRT (nearest from Balkoni Hijau is Merdeka Station) and get off at Phileo Damansara station. From there, you can call a GrabCar which should be cheaper at around RM10.

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 10:30 pm.
Pizza Mansion Facebook Page.

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