Recommended Blogs to Binge

Throughout the years of reading and writing, Buried in the rough content sea of Google, I occasionally discover absolute gems of blogs that share valuable information for free.

I am a big fan of blogs that:

  • Are personal, I know what the author looks like and not hiding behind a pseudonym.
  • I prefer the underdog average Joe blog that documents their financial or business journey over the so-called ‘experts’.
  • Writes as they speak, so it’s easy to understand.
  • Direct to the point content delivery without beating around the bush, or too technical or too artsy.

I only recommend blogs that I truly like and read on a regular basis (not ranked):

Malaysian Personal Finance Blogs

Ringgit Oh Ringgit – My go-to personal favorite Malaysian personal finance blog. Suraya, the author writes as she speaks. I feel very connected even though I don’t know her personally.

I’m Funemployed – I like her easy to understand writing, her personal market insights, and her openness to share her personal stock investing portfolio.

US Finance & Stock Investing Blogs

Mr. Free At 33 – I discovered this blog from an article about the Digital Nomad scene in Chiang Mai. I was then hooked. Jason Fieber writes about how he invests in the stock market for dividend gains. He is technically financially free at 33 and living in Thailand.

Daily Trade Alert – Easy to understand stock market insight. Check out how they research and rank companies. DTA also has a live dividend stock portfolio based on its own analysis.

Incoming Assets – An eccentric couple (Steph & Cel) from Canada documents how their frugal living and consistent investing made them financially free by their 30’s. I discovered them from YouTube.

Digital Marketing

Neil Patel – I discovered Neil Patel from YouTube. Neil teaches about Digital Marketing. His blogging style is the golden standard for online marketers. His website also allows you to reverse engineer your competitor’s best content.

Backlinko – Brian Dean is the man. He ranks 1st page on Google & YouTube for a lot of super competitive keywords in Digital Marketing. His free blog contents are the best out there. Period.

Entrepreneur Campfire – Malaysian based. Lu Wee Tang writes all you need to know about online businesses tailored for Malaysians & Singaporeans.

Rich + Niche – Rich is a Digital Marketer from Canada. I love his YouTube channel explaining Digital Marketer and how to be one.

Writing and Blogging

Gary Halbert Letter – Legend in writing sales copy. One of his most famous works is the Boron Letters. Selling something through telling stories in direct mail.

Creative Revolt – I discovered Jorden from Youtube. Her blog and video contents teach people how to become a freelance writer. I like her personal backstory on how she became a writer.

Kopywriting Kourse – I discovered Neville also from YouTube. He runs a copywriting company and creates content about becoming a freelance writer. I like his personality.

Location Rebel – I also discovered Sean from YouTube. He teaches about becoming a freelance writer. His YouTube videos are personal, motivational, and actionable.

This Online World– Tom is a 20+ year old student in Canada. His side hustle blog about online side hustles is paying decent money within a year. It’s nuts. Mad respect. Very good documenting of the progress of his blogs and side hustles.


The Professional Hobo – Nora Dunn is a Digital nomad that travels the world and makes a living online. I like her Financial Case Studies where she interviews other Digital Nomads on what they do and how they make money online.

Recommended Reading Organizers

From time to time, you’ll discover by chance a fantastic blog or website, and love every content in it. But eventually, you forgot the name and never came back.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, I recommend this free software and app called Feedly to feed and organize all of your favorite blogs in 1 place. here’s what mine looks like:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any recommendations of your own that I can consider to be added to my list.