How I Lowered My Phone Bill by 41% – from RM 68 to RM 40 as I WFH

Do you think that you’re paying too much for your mobile phone plan? I am currently paying around RM 68 (no contract) a month for my Digi postpaid, which I think is too much, considering:

  • I have free WiFi at the office (if I have to go to the office that is).
  • I’m already paying for 30 Mbps home broadband @ RM89 a month.
  • I rarely commute or travel anymore.

So I’ve been shopping around for cheaper plans to downgrade my mobile data package and In this article, I’ve compiled all my findings for the cheapest mobile phone plans in town:

This is the benefit of not buying a fancy phone under contract. Without a contract, you’d pay your phone outright and have the flexibility to change your plans anytime you want.

Before we continue, if you’re already on a postpaid plan, should you downgrade to prepaid? Let’s see the pros and cons for each:

Mobile PlanProsCons
PrepaidTypically cheaper than postpaidNeed to keep track of your balance & usage
PostpaidDon’t have to keep track of your balanceMore expensive than prepaid
Prepaid vs postpaid

I’d go for prepaid only if it’s significantly cheaper than postpaid. But if there’s not much difference in price, I’ll take the postpaid any day for the convenience of not having to constantly keep track of my credit balance.

Figuring Out What I Need in a Mobile Plan

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Here’s the min of what I’m looking for in my mobile plan:

  1. Around 10 GB mobile data a month, or a min of 5 GB.
  2. Unlimited calls (really nice to have, but not an absolute must).
  3. A plan that’ll cost me less than RM 50 a month. The lower, the better.

I find myself calling banks and businesses (to see if they’re open) all the time, so I find the unlimited call plan to be very convenient, and I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for this.

Cheapest Mobile Plans in Malaysia 2021

I noticed that all operators all of a sudden have new, cheaper phone plans appearing out of the woodwork:

Brand & PlanMonthly RMInternetCalls
Digi Postpaid 40RM 4010 GBUnlimited
Digi Prepaid 30RM 3015 GBUnlimited
Hotlink Prepaid 3MbpsRM 40Unlimited (3 Mbps)Unlimited
Hotlink Postpaid 40RM 408 GB + 8 GB YouTubeUnlimited
Celcom Postpaid Xpax LiteRM 388 GBUnlimited
Yoodo Prepaid 35RM 35Unlimited (3 Mbps)100 mins
2021 mobile plan table of truth

Before doing this comparison, I thought that the cheapest plan was from Yoodo due to their clever marketing. But the mobile plan table of truth has told me otherwise.

What Did I Eventually Pick?

Looks like Digi Prepaid 30 is the most bang for my buck. But to change from postpaid to prepaid, I need to physically drop by the Digi shop, which I can’t due to the COVID lockdown.

So my next best option that is the most convenient for me is the Digi Postpaid 40. All I had to do was to switch my plan online in my account dashboard.

Hooray to saving RM 28 or 41% each month. Nice!

Let me know if you found any better value mobile plan in the comments!

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