How to Self Contribute EPF using Maybank2u

NOTE: As of the writing of this article, you are only able to make payments via Maybank2u on your computer, and not on the mobile app

STEP 1: log in to the new Maybank2u website:

STEP 2: Navigate to the ‘Pay & Transfer‘ on the top menu:

STEP 3: Under the ‘Pay’ menu:

  1. Choose the account you want to pay from
  2. Keep the ‘Pay to’ option to ‘Payee’
  3. Manually type ‘EPF’ into the search box
  4. Select the EPF under the dropdown menu:

STEP 4: A pop-up menu will appear and fill up your details:

To get your EPF number, log in to your EPF account, and find it under the Profile tab:

There you go. Pretty straight forward. If you think that you’ll be contributing regularly, add EPF payee as one of your favorite.

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