Best Malaysian Sim Card for Tourists

Although we provide free WiFi to all of our guests at Balkoni Hijau Kuala Lumpur, there will be a time where you need the internet on your mobile while you are out in town.

For example, you need an internet connection to use GrabCar or to Google up where to go next, see what time will the place closes and to check traffic conditions.

Or you’re in the middle of haggling for something and you need to google up the price online to see if you’re being taken for a ride

Or maybe you run an online business and you need to constantly be available.

So having a reliable and cheap internet provider for your mobile while you’re in Malaysia is essential.

Benefits of OneXoX

Recommended Sim Card for tourists and frequent visitors to Malaysia

I have narrowed down the best Sim Card company especially for tourists. The benefits of this company:

  1. Reasonably affordable internet packages.
  2. Massive nationwide 4G coverage.
  3. You don’t have to top up every month just to keep your number alive.
  4. Upon purchase, I will tell you how you can make your credit last up to 28 months. So you can come in and out of Malaysia within those months and still have an internet connection on your phone.


RM10 Sim pack + package of your choice:
1. RM30: (5GB data, 100 mins call)
2. RM50: (10GB data, 333 mins call)
3. RM50: (10GB data +10GB data only) – Best Seller 🔥

example: RM10 + RM50 = Total RM60


If you are interested to purchase, WhatsApp me.



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