[Is it Worth it?]: Strut Bar on a Perodua Myvi

The Perodua Myvi is a great reliable city car, but the driving dynamics are dull. I always felt the need to upgrade to a better car.

Instead of spending money upgrading to a more expensive car, I decided to experiment by installing the Ultra-Racing brand Strut & Anti-Roll bars on my Myvi after I’ve watched many praises about them on YouTube.

Let’s begin with my key findings:

Strut Bars – My Key Findings

  1. Not a gimmick There’s a difference when comparing before and after & it does not void my car’s warranty.
  2. Increased driving confidence – My car’s character becomes more predictable and more fun to drive.
  3. More refined ride – The strut bar holds my car’s body together better over rough roads and make the ride more refined and comfortable.
  4. Install in stages – The best experience is to install both the front Strut bar & Rear Antiroll Bars together. But if you are tight on budget, install the front Struts first and add the rear Ant-Roll bars later.

Overall positive feedback. Now let’s continue with defining what are the Strut & Antiroll Bars, and how can they improve your car’s driving dynamics:

What are the Strut & Anti-Roll Bars?

Front Strut Bar & Rear Anti-Roll Bar (will be installed after MCO 2.0)

Strut & Anti-Roll bars are bolt-on metal bars to firm up your car’s body (so it flex less), improving stability during cornering and refinement during bumpy roads.

There are many types of these bars on the market:

  • Front & rear strut bars
  • Front & rear anti-roll bars
  • Side lower bar
  • Middle lower bar, etc

You do not need to install all of them for the average person as it’ll make your car too stiff and uncomfortable for the daily commute.

Too serious: You’re not driving a racecar for the tracks, so you don’t need all of this

For the average car driver, I was recommended to install only these two:

  1. Front Strut Bars (install this one first)
  2. Rear Antiroll Bar

Does Installing the Strut & Anti-Roll Bars Void My Car’s Warranty?

Breaking your car’s warranty is a valid concern for vehicles still under warranty.

I’ve checked with my own Perodua service center. They’ve told me that installing the strut & anti-roll bars would not void my car’s warranty as long as I don’t touch the engine.

WARNING: Although this was the response I got, I strongly encourage you to do your own research at your service center.

The Installation Process on My Myvi

We planned a 2-step installation process so I can feel the difference for each product:

  1. Install front Strut Bar first and test drive for a month
  2. Then, install the rear Anti-Roll Bar and test drive with both bars installed for another month

Stage 1: Installing the Front Strut Bar

The front Strut Bar installation took about 15 mins. Pretty easy, non-intrusive job. Here’s the before and after:

The front Strut Bar holds the front frame and suspension together.

Here’s how the front Strut Bar is bolted on top of the front suspension:

Minimum Intrusion: On top of the front suspension

After the Front Strut bars are installed, I drove my car around as usual (going to work, run errands, etc.) for about a month.

Stage 2: Installing Rear Anti-Roll Bars

Due to the imposed MCO 2.0, the my rear Anti-Roll Bar installation is delayed until the lockdown is lifted. I’ll update this post once I have it installed.

[Personal]: Before & After Difference

I have to be honest, I was skeptical that these bars would make any difference at first, but I can confidently conclude that there are 2 significant improvements:

Improved Handling

  • The car’s body immediately feels stiffer and rolls less during cornering, increasing driver confidence.
  • The car felt zippy-er around town, at low speeds.
  • I felt more confident cornering at higher speeds (more than 100 km/h).

Improved Ride Comfort

  • The car feels more composed and rattles less when running over bumpy roads.
  • The car’s suspension does not crash as often when going over rough roads, resulting in a more refined ride.

Disadvantages of Installing the Bars

The only downside of installing the Strut and Anti-Roll Bars is the added weight. But since the Bars only weigh around 3kg each, I see no difference in real-world fuel economy.

[Is it Worth it?]: Yes! Balkoni Hijau Recommend Item

The Myvi was initially a dull car to drive. I always felt like I need to upgrade to a better car. But these bars improved the driving personality and ride comfort, that I can tolerate living with the Myvi for at least a couple more years.

Click on the link below to purchase through Shopee and use my promo code: TEMPURBH to get 10% discount:

BarPriceLink-10% Promo Code
Front Strut Bar – 2017 Myvi~RM 196ShopeeTEMPURBH
Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 2017 Myvi~RMComing soonTEMPURBH

I had a wonderful time at Azan’s workshop and had a great chat about cars and life in general:

Me and Azan, the man behind the car spare part business:

Alternatively, you can visit Azan at the workshop in Batu Caves. If you purchase from the Shopee link above, you’re entitled to a 10% discount. But I am not sure if you can get that discount if you walk into the shop:

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