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Here are all of the products, services & recommendations that I user & love:

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Investing can be confusing. Everyone’s risk appetite, goals & timeframe are different.

A good place to start is to see what other people have done and see if that’s what you’re interested in:

Wahed Invest – Robo Advisor

Invest in full auto. Between Wahed Invest & StashAway, I prefer Wahed. Read my comparison & 8-month update.

Get RM10 FREE with my code: MOHHAS198

Luno – Cryptocurrencies

A safe platform to buy & sell popular cryptocurrencies.

I buy & hold a small amount of Bitcoin. I do not buy & sell like you see people do on social media.

DANGER: I consider investing in cryptocurrencies as VERY HIGH RISK. I don’t recommend it to beginner investors.

If you’re ready, get FREE RM 25 worth of Bitcoin on Luno with Code: DNY6WP

ShopBack: Cashback app

Get some cashback every time you shop online. See how I got back RM788 from online shopping using ShopBack.

Sign up with Shopback & get FREE RM5

Wise: Cheap Money Transfer

Whether I’m sending money home from abroad or sending money overseas, my #1 choice is always Wise. Read my review.

Big Pay: Spending Overseas

Whenever I travel overseas, I always use Merchantrade or Big Pay card to spend abroad without worrying about forex. Both are similar. But the Big Pay app is prettier.

Get RM 10 FREE with my code: I3M7KXTBO3

CTOS: Malaysian Credit Score

Keeping an eye on your credit score is a great idea to be financially healthy.

There are 2 ways you can check your Malaysian credit score for free; CCRIS & CTOS. See my comparison.

I recommend CTOS as it is FREE, easier & quicker than CCRIS

Involve: Affiliate Network

Promote almost any product online and get rewarded for a successful referral sale. Best for Southeast Asian traffic.

Read my experience in affiliate marketing.

Money Stories by Suraya

A compilation of short stories. It’s great to get a different perspective of personal finance from other people from different backgrounds.

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